Foot, Osseous Syndactyly of


Foot, Osseous Syndactyly of

Objective: Lateral (A/P) fusion of the digits (phalanges and/or metatarsals) by hard tissue (cartilage and/or bone)


Metatarsal syndactyly can be demonstrated by the inability to independently manipulate the two metatarsals (see Polydactyly, mesoaxial for a description of this maneuver) or the continuity of two metatarsals is demonstrated [Biesecker, [2007]]. The description should include the bones that are fused. Osseous syndactyly is distinct from Symphalangism, where the phalanges are fused at the joint longitudinally (P/D axis). The exact nature of the bony anomaly may not be definable without X-ray evidence. Note that the unqualified term syndactyly is no longer allowed as it is unclear whether this refers to bony or cutaneous syndactyly.


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