Subjective: Broadening of the soft tissues (non-edematous swelling of soft tissues) of the digital tips in all dimensions associated with an increased longitudinal and lateral curvature of the nails


This definition does not use specification of nail plate angles for several reasons. First, there is no agreement on which angle should be measured. Second, there are no known data to establish the range of normality. Third, clinicians rarely perform such measurements. Clubbed fingers are often described as resembling the end of drumsticks. The affected digits should be specified as described in the introductory comments. If no subtype identifier is specified, it is assumed that all digits are involved. Although increased soft tissue is the sole or major component of clubbing, some cases may be associated with bone spurs or modest overgrowth of the distal phalanx. As this is not relevant to the clinical (non-radiographic) assessment of clubbing, it is not specified in the definition of this term.

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