Finger, Absent


Finger, Absent

Objective: The absence of all phalanges of a digit of the hand and the associated soft tissues


This term does not require absence of the metacarpal. The affected digits should be specified. This definition excludes Partial absence of the finger. Note that it can be challenging to number the missing digit if it is a central digit that is missing. In these cases, it is appropriate to modify the term by adding the phrase "non-thumb." In contrast, it will be obvious that the thumb is present or absent. It may also be difficult to distinguish an absent finger from two digits with an extreme degree of osseous and cutaneous syndactyly. If a patient is missing all digits of a limb, the term Adactyly should be used. The term oligodactyly may be used as a synonym, but only in situations where the missing digit is not specified. For example, to state that a patient has Oligodactyly F5 is awkward because the oligodactyly refers to the digits that are present and the F5 refers to the digit that is absent, which could become confusing with higher order deficiencies. If a digit that cannot be identified is missing, the term can be modified with a cardinal number, for example, "Absent fingers, two."



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