Toes, Cutaneous Syndactyly of


Toes, Cutaneous Syndactyly of

Objective: A soft tissue continuity in the A/P axis between adjacent foot digits that involves at least half of the P/D length of one of the two involved digits

Subjective: A soft tissue continuity in the A/P axis between two digits of the foot that does not meet the prior objective criteria


The digits (or part of) are joined together by soft tissue that is not normally present between the digits at that point in the P/D axis. The definition of toe syndactyly is subtly different from that of the hand. The definition used for the hands was thought to be difficult with toes, as the phalangeal lengths are small and an assessment of the degree of syndactyly is impractical. A modifier of complete may be used if the syndactyly extends to the distal end of the nail bed. The affected digits should be specified.


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