Palm, Short


Palm, Short

Objective: For children from birth to 16 years of age the length of the palm is less than the 3rd centile

Subjective: The length of the palm appears relatively small compared to the finger length or the limb length


Palm length is measured as described in Feingold and Bossert [1974] and Hall et al. [2007]. This term is reserved for individuals with shortening of all four metacarpals 2-5. Individuals with fewer than four shortened metacarpals (in a eudactylous hand, the metacarpals of F2-5) should be coded as Short metacarpal. See the entry for Small hand for a discussion of this finding. Short hand should not be used as it is a bundle of two readily separable terms, Short fingers (which, as noted above, can itself be a bundled term) and Short palm.


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