Ear, Low-Set


Ear, Low-Set

Objective: Upper insertion of the ear to the scalp below an imaginary horizontal passing through the inner canthi and extend that line posteriorly to the ear


The position of the ear can be determined in four different ways [Hall et al., [2007]]. There is some controversy regarding objective assessments of ear position as methods do not place the ear with respect to a fixed plane [Hall et al., [2007]]. The Frankfurt plane uses the position of the auditory meatus as a landmark and thus can not be used to assess ear position. If palpebral fissures run horizontal they can be used to guide the plane. The definition used here minimizes the problem whereby the position of the subject's head relative to the observer may influence the subjective impression of the position of the ears. Subjective assessment of ear position is unacceptable since it is unreliable and often confounded by changes in head shape, size and tilt or changes in ear anatomy, especially the superior portion.

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