Foot, Narrow


Foot, Narrow

Objective: A foot for which the measured width is below the 5th centile for age

Subjective: A foot that appears disproportionately narrow for its length


The normative data [Hall et al., [2007]] only include 4-16 year olds. Since the foot width is still increasing at the 16 year old age point on the graphs, extrapolation is not recommended. Therefore, persons more than 16 years or less than 4 years of age can only be assessed subjectively (until appropriate norms are identified or generated). Foot width should be measured from the medial aspect of the first MTPJ to the lateral aspect of the fifth MTPJ [Hall et al., [2007]]. It does not seem sensible to apply this term to individuals with polydactyly that includes a duplicated metatarsal.

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