Objective: Cephalic index greater than 81%

Subjective: Apparently shortened anteroposterior dimension (length) of the head compared to width


Cephalic index is the ratio of head width expressed as a percentage of head length. The normal range is 76-80.9%. Head length is measured between the glabella (the most prominent point on the frontal bone above the root of the nose) and the most prominent part of the occiput in the midline, using spreading calipers. Head width is measured between the most lateral points of the parietal bones on each side of the head, using spreading calipers. Cephalic index standards are derived from Caucasians and have limited relevance for other races and ethnicities. Current norms also have limited validity because of changes in infant sleeping position and consequent changes in head shape. New data should be developed. Brachycephaly is distinct from Flat occiput, but both can be present in the same individual and should be coded separately.

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