Vermilion, Upper Lip, Thick


Figure 1


Figure 2

Objective: Height of the vermilion of the upper lip in the midline more than 2 SD above the mean (Fig. 1)

Subjective: apparently increased height of the vermilion of the upper lip in the frontal view


Normal values for the height of the vermilion are available [Farkas, [1981]], but measurements are not commonly used. Most clinicians determine this feature subjectively or utilize the Likert scale of Astley and Clarren [2000] (Fig. 2). The vermilion of the upper lip varies considerably among ethnic groups, and the vermilion should be compared to a population of same ethnic background. The thickness of the upper lip vermilion is sensitive to the facial expression. On profile view, a thick vermilion is more convex than usual.


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